The Siege (1998)
Man on Fire (2004)
Training Day (2001)
End of Watch (2012)
Training Day (2001)
The Rundown (2003)
Wild Hogs (2007)
  • Time Show Episode
  • Thursday, January 16
  • 1:30PM World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 3 World’s Worst Drivers Caught on Tape 3 TV-PG
    An elephant uses cars as punching bags; a bus driver tries to drive through a flood; the police chase a DUI suspect on a riding lawnmower, at...
  • 2:30PM Training Day (2001) Training Day (2001) TV-14
    An unorthodox veteran officer guides a rookie cop through his first day with the Los Angeles Police Department's inner-city narcotics unit.
  • 5:00PM Cops Strange Behavior #2002 TV-PG
    In Kansas City, Officer Hulme pursues an elderly hit-and-run suspect. In Las Vegas, Officer Crumrine is dispatched to a local bar. In California,...
  • 5:30PM Jail TV-PG
    A drunk & flamboyant young male wearing just underwear is brought in for battery of a police officer; A cheery drunken old man is brought in on a...
  • 6:00PM Cops 600th Episode #1718 TV-PG
    In Ohio, Officer Winslow gives chase after a passenger in a routine traffic stop suddenly flees on foot. In Kentucky, Officer Uhl sorts out a...
  • 6:30PM Cops Bad Girls #1604 TV-PG
    In California, Officer Woodward gives a cooperative driver a warning after he runs a stop sign. In Kansas, Officer Kimball is forced to call for...
  • 7:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1717 TV-PG
    In Washington, Officer Stephens participates in a high-speed chase. In Arkansas, Officer Livingston sorts out the facts after he pulls over a...
  • 7:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #1713 TV-PG
    In Texas, Officer Pinkston assists other units pursuing a suspect who failed to stop for a traffic violation. In Ohio, Officer Kilby questions two...
  • 8:00PM Cops High Crimes #2112 TV-PG
    In Minneapolis, Officers Taylor and Anderson observe as State Patrol uses a “pit maneuver” to stop a fleeing driver operating an SUV. In...
  • 8:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #2210 TV-PG
    In Las Vegas, FTO Howard attempts to save a man as he tries to hang himself. In California, Deputy Rangel is dispatched to a restaurant to sort out...
    Don't miss "The Icon" Sting go one-on-one with the undefeated Ethan Carter III! Plus, Bully Ray vs Mr. Anderson and Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim for...
  • 11:00PM Training Day (2001) Training Day (2001) TV-14
    An unorthodox veteran officer guides a rookie cop through his first day with the Los Angeles Police Department's inner-city narcotics unit.
  • Friday, January 17
  • 1:30AM Jail TV-PG
    A young man gets brought in for DUI and reckless driving but claims he wasn't drinking; a female inmate claims her sunny disposition isn’t because...
  • 2:00AM Jail TV-14
    Check out the jails in Austin, TX, Las Vegas, NV, and Charlotte, NC.
  • 2:30AM Jail TV-14
    Examine the lockups in Fort Worth, TX, San Diego, CA, and Tulsa, OK.
  • 3:00AM Jail TV-14
    Cameras capture life inside the jails of Austin, TX, San Diego, CA, and Portland, OR.
  • 3:30AM Jail TV-PG
    An intoxicated man, who continually shouts, “What’d I do wrong”, is brought to P2 where he kicks the door and begins shadow boxing. A married...
  • 9:00AM Gangland Dog Fights TV-14
    The Fresno Bulldogs have been running in the streets of Fresno, California for three decades. The Bulldogs are the largest, toughest and most...
  • 10:00AM Gangland Behind Enemy Lines TV-14
    The Hells Angels are the most powerful and well-known biker club on the planet, boasting over 2500 members worldwide. A riot in a Nevada casino...
  • 11:00AM Gangland Divide and Conquer TV-14
    The Latin Kings were formed in the windy city - Chicago. They are the largest, and most brutal Latino gang in the country.
  • 12:00PM Gangland Aryan Terror TV-14
    The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas is the largest prison gang within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. It was started as a means of survival.
  • 1:00PM Prisoners Out of Control Prisoners Out of Control TV-14
    This program features prison security camera footage showing prisoners resisting guards, fighting each other, and going on full-scale riots.