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Cops O: Dirty Laundry
Cops O: Fake Friends
Cops O: Dog Treats and Delinquents
Cops O: Bikini Brawl
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  • Time Show Episode
  • Wednesday, December 18
  • 9:00AM World's Wildest Police Videos World’s Wildest Police Videos TV-14
  • 10:00AM World's Wildest Police Videos World’s Wildest Police Videos TV-14
  • 11:00AM World's Wildest Police Videos World’s Wildest Police Videos TV-14
  • 12:00PM The Departed (2006) Departed, The (2006) TV-14
    Two men from opposite sides are undercover within the Massachusetts State Police and Irish mafia, but violence and bloodshed boil when discoveries...
  • 3:30PM Longest Yard, The (2005) Longest Yard, The (2005) TV-14
  • 6:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #1904 TV-PG
    In California, Deputy Corey makes a routine traffic stop, but moments later the COPS cameras capture a horrific traffic accident involving a car...
  • 7:00PM Cops Upon Further Investigation #2105 TV-PG
    In Texas, Deputy Evans assists other officers questioning a group of suspects. In California, Deputies Dean and Bonnet chase an inebriated...
  • 7:30PM Cops In Denial #2107 TV-PG
    In California, Officer Harshbarger helps chase down suspects who fled from a stolen vehicle. In Minneapolis, Officer Muro pursues a suspect who...
  • 8:00PM Cops Domestic Disturbance #2205 TV-PG
    In California, Deputy Whitsell assists in the arrest of a suspect who allegedly broke into a home after the owner passed away. In Las Vegas,...
  • 8:30PM Cops Evading Arrest #2403 TV-PG
    In Savannah, Advance Patrol Officer Moore stops a suspicious suspect. In California, Deputies French and Culp help track down a domestic violence...
  • 9:00PM Cops Fight Night #2515 TV-PG
    In Las Vegas, Officers Smith and Franklin assist with an unruly suspect. In Atlanta, Officer Crenshaw sorts out a dispute between a female and male...
  • 9:30PM Cops Stupid Behavior #2512 TV-PG
    In Portland, Officer Strohmeyer detains an elderly suspect after he crashes his car. In Las Vegas, Officers Van Pamel and Walford pursue a suspect...
  • 10:00PM Cops Caught in a Lie #2503 TV-PG
    In Kansas City, Officers Templeton and Cardona help another officer pursuing the driver of a yellow Pontiac Firebird. In Las Vegas, Officer Slocum...
  • 10:30PM Cops Street Arrests #2419 TV-PG
    In Springfield, Officer Morgan assists with the pursuit of a suspect driving a stolen motorcycle. In New Orleans, Officer Kuczek discovers 37...
  • 11:00PM Cops A Crash, An Arrest and a Baby #2414 TV-PG
    In Springfield, Officer Lord instructs the driver of a trailer-pulling SUV to pull off the road after it makes lane violations and triggers a...
  • 11:30PM Cops My Jewelry's Fragile TV-PG
    A cyclist gets booked for trying to flee when officers pull him over. Two brothers struggle to explain why they took off when they saw the cops....