Cops O: Lady Bit My Finger
Cops O: We Know Who You Are
Cops O: Running in Traffic
Cops O: Taser Proof
Cops O: I'll Raise My Voice Right Back!
Cops O: You'll Shoot Your Eye Out
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Xtreme Off Road: Jeep JK: Before and After
Engine Power: Next Gen Nova
Detroit Muscle: Powerstop Ultimate Mustang Engine Upgrades
Remember the Titans (2000)
The Blind Side: Blind Side, The
Friends: The One With Five Steaks & An Eggplant
Friends: The One With The Baby On The Bus
Friends: The One Where Ross Finds Out
Friends: The One With Russ
The Blind Side: Blind Side, The
Remember the Titans (2000)
Invincible (2006)
Cops O: Kicking and Screaming
Cops O: Shaking Like a Paint Mixer
Cops O: Second Time Around
Cops O: Bible Buddies
Cops O: Two Doors Down
Campus PD: Costume Party
Cops O: One, Two, Tree
  • Time Show Episode
  • Tuesday, October 22
  • 9:00AM World's Worst Tenants Too Hot Tub TV-PG
    Todd & Co. go undercover to protect a property owner from a rent skimming criminal. The team negotiates a heated final inspection and Todd must...
  • 9:30AM World's Worst Tenants Home On The Gun Range TV-PG
    Todd & Co. investigate noise complaints of fireworks in a rural area and discover the explosive cause. The team makes contact with a hostile tenant...
  • 10:00AM World's Worst Tenants Animal Instink TV-PG
    Todd & Co. enter a hostile tenant’s apartment and uncover a twisted art form. Things get hot when Rick & Todd face off with an apartment full of...
  • 10:30AM World's Worst Tenants Trim The Fat TV-PG
    Todd & Co. look into reports of bio-hazardous materials being dumped in an apartment dumpster. Todd risks being run over by a truck to avert a...
  • 11:00AM World's Worst Tenants Destruction Worker TV-PG
    Todd & Co. stake out a construction jobsite to catch a vandal in the act. The team serves notice on a house full of unsuspecting ravers and Todd...
  • 11:30AM World's Worst Tenants Liquored Up Landlord TV-PG
    Todd & Co. make contact with a hostile tenant and uncover a deadly secret in his bathtub. The team saves a man who's been locked inside his house...
  • 12:00PM World's Worst Tenants Bed Bug Hoarder TV-PG
    Todd & Co. investigate noise complaints and bust a housewife’s dirty business. The team uncovers a bug infestation that makes their skin crawl and...
  • 12:30PM World's Worst Tenants Burning Man TV-PG
    The team confronts a tenant who sets off a fiery explosion. A scorned ex-wife saws everything in her apartment in half! The team saves an elderly...
  • 1:00PM World's Worst Tenants Rocketfish TV-PG
    The team catches a greedy daughter placing dibs on her dead father’s estate. An ex-con tries to blow up a boatful of smuggled explosives to avoid...
  • 1:30PM World's Worst Tenants Hot Rods TV-PG
    The team blocks a billionaire tenant from racing his modified cars on a private racetrack. Todd and Rick are electrocuted in a booby-trapped house...
  • 2:00PM World's Worst Tenants Fashionably Stupid TV-PG
    Todd and Rick take a beating from an elderly tenant when they try to remove a dead tree. A photographer risks burning down a church for his shot....
  • 2:30PM World's Worst Tenants Held At Gunpoint TV-PG
    Todd & Co. look into a harassment claim and save a tenant from potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Rick uncovers decomposing bodies in a funeral...
  • 3:00PM World's Worst Tenants Haulin’ A$$ TV-PG
    The team faces off against a tenant performing a ritual sacrifice. Randye gets tangled up with a Nevada tenant running an unauthorized brothel. A...
  • 3:30PM World's Worst Tenants Full Moon Fever TV-PG
    The team makes contact with a tenant who believes he’s a werewolf. Todd and Rick have a communication breakdown with a nearly nude family of...
  • 4:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1603 TV-PG
    In New Orleans, Officers Deas and Nelson assist a carjacking victim. In Kansas, Officer Pfeifer sorts out a dispute between a woman and her...
  • 4:30PM Jail TV-14
    The lockups in Las Vegas, NV, Paterson, NJ, and Portland, OR are visited.
  • 5:00PM Cops Coast to Coast #1704 TV-PG
    In Floriday, Sergeant White conducts undercover “buy-bust” sting operations designed to capture street level drug dealers. In New Jersey, Corporal...
  • 5:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #1620 TV-PG
    In Washington, Officer Boothe and other policemen use a tazer gun to subdue a heavy-set suspect. In Oregon, Officers Manzella and Zylawy detain a...
  • 6:00PM Cops High Crimes #2112 TV-PG
    In Minneapolis, Officers Taylor and Anderson observe as State Patrol uses a “pit maneuver” to stop a fleeing driver operating an SUV. In...
  • 6:30PM Cops Liar, Liar #2408 TV-PG
    In Springfield, Officer Wilson questions a suspect with two felony assault charges. In Savannah, Officer Collard witnesses a jaywalking suspect...
  • 7:00PM Cops Arrests with Twists #2401 TV-PG
    In Las Vegas, Lieutenant Chavez and Sergeant Calhoun assist with an arrest of an alleged ecstasy dealer. In Florida, FTO Molino assists another...
  • 7:30PM Cops Coast to Coast #2102 TV-PG
    In Texas, Deputy Hardin assists in the pursuit of a flatbed trailer loaded with golf carts. In Las Vegas, Officer Rooks stops a driver operating a...
  • 8:00PM Criss Angel BeLIEve Cement Grave TV-PG
    Criss attempts to become the first person in history to succeed escaping from a Cement Grave alive. Criss also reveals how to levitate a soda can,...
  • 9:00PM Criss Angel BeLIEve Blind TV-PG
    Criss trains with Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordyn Wieber, before attempting a potentially deadly walk across an I-beam high above a crowd -...
  • 10:00PM Criss Angel BeLIEve Bullet Catch TV-PG
    Criss attempts to make history by surviving the Bullet Catch which has taken the lives of 12 others. He also takes on MMA Champ Randy Couture in a...
  • 11:00PM Criss Angel BeLIEve Cement Grave TV-PG
    Criss attempts to become the first person in history to succeed escaping from a Cement Grave alive. Criss also reveals how to levitate a soda can,...