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  • Monday
    December 1
    3:21AM Waking Up Dead
    A nagging housewife blows her own fuse; A construction worker takes a deadly bathroom break; A stowaway gets his ass-sets frozen; A cheating...
    3:43AM You’re dead! LOL!
    A moron gets smoked by cigarettes; A remote glider crashes into the owner; A reject boyfriend gets rejected; A dog walker gets hounded to death; A...
  • Tuesday
    December 2
    2:54AM Dead to Rights
    A secretary won’t go down and gets passed over; Hot tubbing couple can’t take the heat; Anger management dropout bottoms out; A paint huffer lights...
    3:17AM Bringing In The Dead
    A drunk driver gets his head handed to him; A belly dancer goes belly up; A cross dresser gets crossed; A moonshiner gets shined; A hot tamale...
    3:39AM Dead on Dead
    A country boy winds up at the wrong wiener roast; Drug smugglers become pot-luck dinner for cannibals; A terrorist gets played by a violinist; A...