World's Worst Tenants Bios

  • Todd Howard
  • Rick Moore
  • Randye Howard
Rick Moore

Rick Moore

Born in 1964, Rick Moore spent the first six years of his life in Detroit before moving to a ten acre property in South Lyon. Three years later Moore and his family lost their home and struggled to find a place to live, but in 1975, following the divorce of his parents, Moore’s mother remarried a successful man in the gravel business. The family had a new lease on life, as they relocated to property that consisted of a 120-acre lake and copious amounts of farm land, where Moore was able to ride dirt bikes and roam the land. Upon graduation from Romulus Senior High School in 1983, Moore joined the Army where he began basic training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina before being transferred to Fort Riley in Kansas. While at Fort Riley, Moore’s life was altered after reading a real estate book titled Nothing Down by Robert G. Allen. Moore quickly applied the principles he learned and purchased six units within months of finishing the book. By 1986, Moore had acquired over sixty units and finished his tour of duty. Moore returned to Michigan and started a communication construction company, which laid many miles of cable in the air and underground for major telecomm companies, with the intentions to move to California, and in 1989, Moore settled in San Diego County and began to once again buy real estate. Over the next several years Moore’s communication company evolved into a full on construction company that only built properties, and in 1996, Rick met his current business partner Todd Howard.