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World's Worst Tenants Bios

  • Todd Howard
  • Rick Moore
  • Randye Howard
Randye Howard

Randye Howard

Born and raised in Whittier, a small town located outside of Los Angeles, Randye Howard first picked up work as a health club manager before briefly shifting over to newspaper advertising. Feeling unfulfilled, Howard left that career and settled into a corporate recruiter role for the next twelve years, a move that proved lucrative, as Howard was able to buy a condo in Newport Beach. Years later this purchase would serve as Howard’s first introduction into being a landlord, as she bought another home and was able to rent her Newport Beach property to tenants. Around the same time, in 1990, Howard met Todd and the couple was married three years later. Shortly after, Howard left her career as a headhunter to move to Oceanside with Todd in 1993, and in 1996, the couple would meet Todd’s future business partner Rick Moore. Ever since Howard has served as the groups mediator and expert in procedural codes involving landlord/tenant rights.