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Training Day (2001)
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Tattoo Rescue Episode Guide

Jersey Boys - Episode 110

Tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo returns home to Jersey to rescue the first shop he bought and sold. Can Joey get his old house in order or is his legacy beyond repair?

Aired: 08/25/2013

Devil Of A Job - Episode 109

Tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo is called to Brooklyn by artist brothers whose shop contains altars to Satan. Can Joey rescue this struggling house of ink or will the shop go up in flames?

Aired: 09/15/2013

Twisted Inkster - Episode 108

A family at war threatens to torpedo the business of a struggling New Jersey shop. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo get them to bury the hatchet before this shop gets the axe?

Aired: 08/18/2013

Pop Goes The Tattoo Shop - Episode 107

An iconic Philadelphia ink shop is failing, along with its ailing owner's health. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo get ownership and management to align before Pop's Place goes belly up?

Aired: 10/13/2013

Southern Shop of Horrors - Episode 106

A horror-themed tattoo shop in Georgia is overrun by a biker gang. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo put rubber to the road to rescue Stone Age Tattoo before it becomes extinct?

Aired: 07/22/2013

Funkytown Is Going Down - Episode 105

Tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo must save an old west shop from bad management. Can Joey resurrect the frontier spirit to rescue this failing shop?

Aired: 08/11/2013

Big Brother Trouble in Little Antioch - Episode 104

A small-town shop is deep in red ink after the owner hired her big brother to be her husband's apprentice. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo resolve the family drama to save this shop?

Aired: 08/4/2013

Slap in the Face! - Episode 103

A Chicago shop is better known for demeaning "Slap for Cash" videos online than its talented artists. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo teach the shop's owner how to respect his employees before it’s too late?

Aired: 09/8/2013

PeWee's Biz Adventure - Episode 102

A troubled artist and his misfit team of apprentices seek tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo's help after the death of one of their own. Can Joey turn this rundown shop into a mecca for black and gray ink?

Aired: 10/6/2013

Wiped Out! - Episode 101

The surf bums at this beach-side tattoo shop are wasting one of the best locations in the country. Can tattoo business expert Joey Tattoo get this boys club off the SoCal beaches and back in big business?

Aired: 07/28/2013

Just Deadly (Pilot) - Episode 100

Tattoo shop turnaround consultant Joey Tattoo must fix a disorganized tattoo parlor in California. When confronted with shocking evidence, the shop's artists want blood and the dysfunctional owner refuses to manage her own shop.

Aired: 10/9/2012