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Sammy the Builder

Sammy the Builder


Sammy Fasciano was born to be a builder. Ever since he was young boy growing up in Jersey, it seems Sammy has had a hammer in his hand. Sammy got his start in construction working for his father, a long time veteran of the industry, who instilled a strong work ethic in Sammy and one he still carries with him to this day. While playing football in college, Sammy started a small construction business as a means to pay his bills. Sammy took on all sorts of jobs and started his own construction company, “Cosmo Construction, over 20 years ago. Aside from being the builder behind his cousin Joey Tattoo’s tattoo rescues, Cosmo Construction is well known for building single family homes to building/adding large extensions to homes and duplex’s. Sammy is a DIY expert, who knows all the tricks of the trade necessary to transform a tattoo shop or any structure, in a short amount of time.