Xtreme Off Road: XOR Adventure Ride
Engine Power: Ford Tribute: Big Inch Windsor Stroker
Detroit Muscle: Barn Find Chevelle: Shiny Bits and Panel Fits

Tattoo Rescue Bios

  • Joey Tattoo
  • Sammy the Builder
Joey Tattoo

Joey Tattoo


Joey Tattoo has seen it all in the tattoo industry. Having always been interested in tattoos growing up in Jersey, Joey started a three-year apprenticeship when he was only 19. From there, Joey Tattoo built his name until he finally decided to open a shop with his wife, Dayna, in 1996. Besides being an accomplished artist, Joey has apprenticed 11 tattooers, many of whom have went on to achieve national acclaim in the business, including the renowned, Christian Masot. But, being a successful artist isn’t all Joey has going for him. He also has a great understanding of the business side of things, and has turned around dozens of shops in his career. From merchandising to branding to building a quality staff to interior design, Joey knows and does it all. Joey Tattoo loves this industry and wants nothing more than to see it grow and will do whatever it takes to make that happen.