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Cops O: Taser Proof
Ocean's Thirteen (2007)
PowerNation: Xtreme Off Road: "King of the Hammers Special"
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PowerNation: Detroit Muscle: Hurst Olds: Panel Gap Perfection
Training Day (2001)
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Scrappers Episode Guide

Darren Gets Married - Episode 110

Frankie needs cash to finally get a scrapyard - but when Posa tries to collect a debt from Sal, it escalates into all-out war. Darren's getting married - if he can survive a brow waxing, a lost ring, and way too many beers.

Aired: 09/21/2010

The Van - Episode 109

Frankie buys a van from client Adam, but when the deal turns hostile it could cost his crew their business. Sal expands his turf to Staten Island with disastrous results; and Dino and Mimmo try out business cards.

Aired: 09/15/2010

Don Scrapperleoni - Episode 108

Strapped for wedding cash, Darren asks Frankie's blessing to scrap a car, but the job turns into a demolition derby. Sal scores with an antique chandelier - if he can face down a wily lamp dealer. Dino and Mimmo do Manhattan.

Aired: 09/7/2010

Holy Scrap! - Episode 107

Frankie finds treasure: a print of a famous painting that could buy him a scrapyard, if it can stand up to a Manhattan art expert. Meanwhile, Dino and Mimmo scrape up work in the form of an old lady who needs a ride to the hospital.

Aired: 08/31/2010

Sal's Sick Day - Episode 106

When Sal gets sick, Frankie's crew pitches in to cover his jobs, but Sal's truck turns out to be Frankie's worst nightmare. Meanwhile Posa takes charge of Dino and Mimmo for a pizza job that turns into a comedy of errors.

Aired: 08/24/2010

Darren Turns Management - Episode 105

Frankie tests Darren by putting him in charge of Dino and Mimmo to scrap a huge old safe. Darren has his hands full trying to get the slaphappy duo to the scrapyard in time and to make the yard pay them for the safe.

Aired: 08/17/2010

The Slap Fight - Episode 104

Darren makes a mess wrestling a boiler out of a building; a spat with Frankie turns into a slap fight. Sal tows his first car and winds up smashing a Lexus, trapping himself in the car, and yelling at passing traffic.

Aired: 08/10/2010

The Bike Job - Episode 103

It's a brave new world for Dino and Mimmo when a Web "Guru" puts them online, but their cyber-job is a fiasco. Frankie and Darren find porn; Sal's patience is tested by a deli freezer and a Greg gets a lesson in truck-driving.

Aired: 08/10/2010

The Aluminum Job - Episode 102

Frankie's crew scores a big job, but a feud with the site boss almost kills it - especially when they hire bumbling scrappers Dino and Mimmo. Sal blows a fuse when a minor job for a Brooklyn character turns into a major pain.

Aired: 08/3/2010

The Stadium Job - Episode 101

Frankie's crew fights to fit too-long railings in the van until Darren saves the day...almost. Sal calls in Dino and Mimmo on a brick job, but what seems like a jackpot turns into a roller-coaster day of triumphs and disasters.

Aired: 08/3/2010