Scrappers Bios

  • Frankie Noots
  • Greg
  • Mimmo
  • Dino
  • Sal the Barber
  • Joe Posa
  • Darren
Sal the Barber

Sal the Barber


He’s the hardest worker in the scrap game, with a heart – and an attitude - as big as Brooklyn. Sal’s tough and feisty, the guy who tries to power his way through every problem with brute force. That makes him a great scrapper – but it also gets him in trouble sometimes. But Sal would also give you the shirt off his back – and that says a lot, considering his background. He’s had some troubles in his life and even done some time – but he straightened himself out by dedicating himself to his scrap/garbage removal business – and to his training for his first Mixed Martial Arts fight. He’s our “Rocky” – the little guy who saves himself by sheer heart and dedication.