Scrappers Bios

  • Frankie Noots
  • Greg
  • Mimmo
  • Dino
  • Sal the Barber
  • Joe Posa
  • Darren
Joe Posa

Joe Posa


An old neighborhood pal of Frankie’s, Joe is the business/sales part of Frankie’s team – and key to Frankie’s dream of getting his own scrap yard. Frankie knows he needs to grow the business if he’s ever going to realize his dream of his own scrap yard, and Posa is the man who knows how to find business – or as Posa puts it, “I know how to make that cheese.” A born negotiator and hustler, Posa finds himself frequently in the position of mediator between Frankie and the customer – especially when Frankie picks a fight. Posa is new to the scrap business and is the first to admit he doesn’t know much about metal – yet – but he’s learning the ropes and he’s scrappy enough to stand up to Frankie and make him see reason when Frankie’s pride threatens to torpedo a deal.