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The 40-Year-Old Virgin: 40-Year-Old Virgin, The
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Tommy Boy (1995)
I Am Chris Farley
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Scrappers Bios

  • Frankie Noots
  • Greg
  • Mimmo
  • Dino
  • Sal the Barber
  • Joe Posa
  • Darren
Frankie Noots

Frankie Noots


Among Brooklyn scrappers, Frankie is the “Don of Scrap.” He knows metal like a hunter knows his prey – where it can be found, what it’s made of, and most importantly, what it’s worth in the ever shifting scrap metal market. Frankie’s “Mr. Connected” in Brooklyn scrapping – if metal is moving, he knows about it. He also knows how to size up a job and work the angles so that he and his crew can achieve the most with the least effort. A third generation scrapper, Frankie says he has metal in his blood. He even ran the scrap yard that his grandfather owned, and hoped some day to make it his own -- but the yard got sold before he could fulfill his dream. So now he devotes all his energy to building up enough business to open a scrap yard of his own. Frankie is a sharp businessman, but he also has a tendency to let his pride get the better of him. To him, nothing’s more important than respect and loyalty – which is sometimes a problem. He can pick a fight with anyone, even a business prospect, and he’s been known to cut off his nose to spite his face - like the time he refused to do a job for a deli owner because he claimed the guy put too much oregano in his sauce.