Scrappers Bios

  • Frankie Noots
  • Greg
  • Mimmo
  • Dino
  • Sal the Barber
  • Joe Posa
  • Darren



In a business populated by people who live off the grid, Dino is the most carefree and unattached of all our scrappers. Dino is a true original – a scrapper who takes everything as it comes, never lets anything get him down, and never met a stray dog he didn’t like. In fact, Dino will stop working to say hello to - and roll around with - every dog that passes by, much to Mimmo’s annoyance. Tall and gangly, Dino’s a natural comedian and a kind of Zen Master of Scrap. He's constantly dispensing “Dino-isms,” like, “If it don’t makes dollars, it don’t make sense,” “You put a stick in the ground every day, in a year you have a fence,” and “the future belongs to the guy who gets there first.”