Scrappers Bios

  • Frankie Noots
  • Greg
  • Mimmo
  • Dino
  • Sal the Barber
  • Joe Posa
  • Darren



Darren is Frankie’s number one worker – even though he frequently tries Frankie’s patience. He is often late, usually for a variety of reasons – including dropping his cell phone in a toilet at Hooters. He is trying hard to learn how to be a good scrapper, and Frankie is trying hard to teach him – although the lessons may sound like verbal abuse to the casual listener. The one thing Frankie loves about Darren is his loyalty – he would do anything for Frank, and would rather die than let Frankie down. To Darren, Frankie is a father figure to whom he turns for advice and knowledge. But Darren is prone to goofups, and his mind is frequently on other things – especially his upcoming marriage, which is putting a lot of pressure on him, financially and otherwise. While he finds it a struggle to learn the ways of scrap, Darren has a real talent when it comes to cars and engines, and he’s always got his eye out for a scrap taillight or engine part he can use in a car he’s rebuilding.