Savage Family Diggers Bios

  • Ric Savage
  • Giuseppe Savage
  • Nick Savage
  • Rita Savage
Giuseppe Savage

Giuseppe Savage

Giuseppe Savage, who goes by "G," is the eldest son to Rita and Ric, and has traveled to all parts of the United States taking a series of odd jobs since graduating from high school in 2003. A true road warrior, the 26-year-old first worked at a carnival, touring the country and learning the ins and outs of the traveling business. At the carnival, he ran several food and game stands, as well as assembled and disassembled rides for extra cash. Savage then settled in California for a short time, running a funnel cake stand, before hitting the road again with Artificial Ice, a company that assembles ice skating rinks across the US for corporate parties.

In 2010, Savage returned home to Mechanicsville, VA to work alongside his parents at American Savage. The different trades that he has mastered over the past eight years has made him the company's best handyman. He can drive, fix, or make just about anything.