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Rat B*stards Episode Guide

When Hunters Become the Hunted - Episode 106

Squirrel and Shane are trapped and surrounded by deadly water moccasins, wild boars attack Rigger, and Skeeter auditions a new hunting partner, much to Kridda's chagrin.

Aired: 08/24/2012

Rat vs. Dynamite - Episode 105

When the giant swamp rats outmaneuver Rigger and Clay, the hunters strike back with dynamite. And a high speed chase with poachers leads to disaster for Kridda and Skeeter.

Aired: 08/24/2012

The Molotov Cocktail - Episode 104

Season finale. The largest hunting contract in the history of the bayou is up for grabs and Rigger hopes a stash of molotov cocktails will help him win it. Skeeter and Kridda finally go their separate ways, with disastrous results.

Aired: 08/24/2012

Recipe For Disaster - Episode 103

An alligator snatches a giant rat from Skeeter's trap but the "Godfather of the Bayou" refuses to back down from a fight. And Rigger's attempts to save a series of islands from the rats by burning them to the ground.

Aired: 08/17/2012

She-Rat in Heat - Episode 102

Rigger drags Clay on a terrifying night hunt, Squirrel and Shane risk life and limb to save an infested hunting cabin, and Skeeter sets a trap using a she-rat as bait.

Aired: 08/9/2012

Old War, New Tricks - Episode 101

Giant Swamp Rats are destroying the bayou and 6 Louisiana patriots are fighting back. Rigger schemes to revolutionize hunting with GPS technology. And Kridda's aim might get Skeeter killed.

Aired: 08/1/2012