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Dhani Jones

Dhani Jones


Warrior and Bowtie Expert. Linebacker and Poet. Jock and Treehugger: Dhani Jones understands the extremes of life. A former NFL player with the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, & Cincinnati Bengals, he works with Al Gore's climate change initiative and started his own philanthropic endeavor, Bow Tie Cause. The well-spoken Jones can now add the title of 'author' to his resume – his travelogue/memoir, "The Sportsman: Unexpected Lessons from an Around the World Sports Odyssey," launched in June 2011. Recapping his rise to NFL fame, as well as his time as host of the Travel Channel's original series, Dhani Tackles the Globe, "The Sportsman" allows Dhani to discover that sports have the universal ability to open a window into a culture, define a destination and unlock a common passion in people that is as different as it is familiar.

His huge love for living, authority on sport and understanding of the big issues of climate change make Dhani a key player in sport and sustainability. No wonder that in Hindi, "Dhani" means thinking man.

Dhani is thrilled to join the Spike TV family as host of Playbook360, a sport-focused show airing around Saturday night movies.