Ink Master Episode Guide

Ink Live - Episode 516

The final 3 artists reveal their 35 hour back pieces and the sparks fly when all 18 rival artists return to give the lowdown on whose rivalries still burn.

Aired: 12/16/2014

Fight To The Finale - Episode 515

Emotional outbursts, explosive fights, incredible tattoos and epic fails. It’s the end of the line and the sparks fly as the last 4 Artists standing battle it out for a spot in the Live Finale and a shot at 100K.

Aired: 12/9/2014

Firing Squad - Episode 514

It's down to the wire as the artists battle for a top 4 spot - to survive they must impress 3 tattoo heavyweights criticizing their every move.

Aired: 12/2/2014

Painstaking Portraits - Episode 513

Artists go head to head tattooing the same portrait on two family members. Some family members are left with jacked tattoos as the portrait subject overlooks.

Aired: 11/25/2014

Heads Will Roll - Episode 512

The artists fight for an opportunity to ink NFL star DeAngelo Williams as he honors his mother who died of breast cancer. Head tattoos send one human canvas over the edge.

Aired: 11/18/2014

Up In Smoke - Episode 511

Josh causes a controversy that could get him kicked out of the competition for good. The artists tattoo amputees where their limbs once were.

Aired: 11/11/2014

Cold Blooded - Episode 510

In the flash challenge, the artists use a different kind of ink to make art...blood. Then, they go head-to-head against guest judge Tommy Montoya while Emily goes over the edge.

Aired: 11/4/2014

Virgin Blood - Episode 509

Picky virgin canvases get inked and Jason’s anxiety threatens to take him out. The artists battle head to head and Josh plays dirty, putting his opponent on the chopping block.

Aired: 10/28/2014

Ink My Oosik - Episode 508

The artists are taken out of their comfort zone when they must scrimshaw walrus penises. One artist totally loses their cool while another artist loses their shot at $100K.

Aired: 10/21/2014

Three's A Crowd - Episode 507

The pressure is on when the artists take on Oliver’s specialty - and it’s tripled when they have to work in teams.

Aired: 10/14/2014

Cheek To Cheek - Episode 506

In one of the craziest challenges ever, the artists must ink 12 hour gluteus maximus tattoos. A medical emergency may cost one artist the competition.

Aired: 10/7/2014

Glass On Blast - Episode 505

The artists must make incredible art by sand blasting glass while trying to survive working in teams. Rivalries explode when they tattoo head to head.

Aired: 09/30/2014

Geishas Gone Wrong - Episode 504

Vendettas have the artists at each others’ throats. The skull pick gets personal and the pressure is on when the artists tattoo Nunez’s specialty.

Aired: 09/23/2014

Head To Headache - Episode 503

Josh ignites rivalries while two artists receive an advantage no one in the competition has ever had and their cutthroat strategy has tension soaring.

Aired: 09/16/2014

Pin Up Pitfalls - Episode 502

Semi-nude models bring the heat and a game changing twist is revealed. Jacked pin ups make the critique a bloodbath & rivalries flare.

Aired: 09/9/2014

Inking With The Enemy - Episode 501

18 Rival Artists enter for $100k and the Ink Master title. It’s their worst nightmare as they’re forced to ink with their enemy.

Aired: 09/2/2014