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Tattoo Artist

Walter "Sausage" Frank
Las Vegas, NV
Artist at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas, NV (www.facebook.com/waltersausagefrank)
Twitter: @Sausagekingtat
13 years experience

Sausage isn't just a tattoo artist, he's a true entertainer whose stage is the tattoo studio. He enjoys making people laugh and couple that with his meticulous tattoo work, Sausage is a much sought after and appreciated artist in Las Vegas where his specalities include HD realism, portrait and black and gray. But don't let his humorous ways fool you, he's a solid and fierce competitior. Having worked alongside last season's winner Joey Hamilton, Sausage has picked up a thing or two about strategy and winning this competiton.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Sausage's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Sausage

Meet Your Master: Sausage