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Tim Lees

Tim Lees

Tattoo Artist

Tim Lees
National City, CA
Artist, 4everUtattoo
Website: (www.timleestattoo.com; www.4everutat2.com; www.propagandatattoo.com)
Twitter: @timstat2
17 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "The Pride War," versus Cleen Rock One
Despite having been homeless for two years as a teen, Tim Lees persevered through his hardships and became a self-taught artist.  He specializes in surrealism and portraiture, and has won many awards on the convention circuit over the past two decades.  Lees has a huge score to settle with competitor Cleen Rock One, the artist whose shop he helped to build.  Shortly after the studio's opening, the two had a falling out that resulted in Lees leaving the shop.  Left feeling backstabbed and bitter, Lees is now out for vengeance.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Tim's work

Meet Your Rival: Cleen Rock One vs. Tim Lees