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Randy Vollink

Randy Vollink

Tattoo Artist

Randy Vollink
Mesa, AZ
Artist at Club Tattoo in Scottsdale, AZ (www.randyvollink.com)
Twitter: @randyvollink
9 years experience

Randy Vollink is a former manager of various law firms, his love of art inspired to pursue more creative endeavors. Tattooing started out for him as a hobby and quickly became a passion. A self-taught artist, Vollink has worked hard to earn his tattoo stripes just like everyone else, but he also had the added difficulty of being a gay man in a heterosexual male dominated industry. He's a confident artist who specializes in black and gray portraits and photo realism.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Randy's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Randy Vollink

Meet Your Master: Randy Vollink