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Richard “Made Rich” Parker

Richard “Made Rich” Parker

Tattoo Artist

Richard "Made Rich" Parker
Queens, NY
5.5 years experience
Owner/Artist at Think Before You Ink (www.thinkbeforeyouink.com) (www.maderichtattoos.com)

After he hung his football cleats up and graduated from Wagner College with a BA in Fine Arts, Made Rich worked in two different shops before opening "Think Before You Ink" in Long Island City, NY. Competitive by nature, Made Rich was a long time athlete before taking his talent from the playing field to the tattoo machine. His competitiveness has helped him strive to better himself daily. Dark shadowing and shading are his specialties and argues that he can tattoo any style or genre with ease. He rarely puts anyone before himself and will eliminate anyone who stands in the way of his progress and winning the competition.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Richard's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Richard "Made Rich" Parker

Meet Your Master: Richard “Made Rich” Parker