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Tattoo Artist

Lydia Bruno
Albany, NY
Co-owner/Artist at Unique Arts Studio in Glens Falls, NY (www.inkbylydia.com)
Twitter: @inkbyLydia
9 years experience

Bruno's motto is "burn your own path," something she has done for herself ever since leaving a career in the mental health industry in order to deal with a whole different breed of crazy people – tattoo artists. An artist since childhood, Bruno learned her tattoo craft through an "old school" apprenticeship. She specializes in black and grey photorealism and is particularly drawn to morbid imagery. Bruno is poised and ready to defend her work and fight back on this season's competition. A go-getter with an adventurous spirit, Bruno's got plenty of practice fighting back as she is also a boxer who has been told she's "too aggressive" in the ring. Lucky for her there's no such thing as "too aggressive" when it comes to tattooing.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Lydia's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Lydia

Meet Your Master: Lydia