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Tattoo Artist

Providence, RI
Artist, East Providence Tattoo
Website: (http://instagram.com/lt_doart3)
Twitter: @lt_doart3
3 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "Vying for the Top Dog in Rhode Island," versus Ty'Esha Reels

LT is a tattoo artist who specializes in realism and black and gray.  LT believes that he is overlooked and underrated, and covets the recognition reaped by his contemporaries.  LT is challenged this season by Ty'Esha Reels, who is furious about having lost to him at a Rhode Island expo despite having twice the experience.  Reels believes that LT has yet to pay his dues in the industry and is determined to redeem herself, but LT believes he has.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of LT's work

Meet Your Rival: LT Vs. Ty’Esha Reels