Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Road House (1989)
Xtreme Off Road: Dual-Purpose Tacoma
Engine Power: The return of project Pro Street or No-Street Nova
Detroit Muscle: Hard Charger: Magic Legs
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Keith Diffenderfer

Keith Diffenderfer

Tattoo Artist

Keith Diffenderfer
York, PA
Artist at Honor & Iron in Rebooth Beach, DE (www.facebook.com/keith-diffenderfer)
Twitter: @kdiffenderfer
13 years experience

Keith Diffenderfer has been relentless since he was young. As a high school student, he showed up at the same tattoo shop every day for a year until they finally agreed to give him an apprenticeship. That apprenticeship is what Diffenderfer believes sets him apart from newbies who never paid their dues in the industry. He believes that the lack of art education and working your way up in tattooing is a disservice to the customer. Diffenderfer has earned a reputation for bright, bold tattoos but refuses to categorize himself, he believes he can do it all.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Keith's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Keith Diffenderfer

Meet Your Master: Keith Diffenderfer