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Julia Carlson

Julia Carlson

Tattoo Artist

Julia Carlson
Browns Mills, NJ
Artist, Ink Obsession
Website: (http://instagram.com/juliacarlsontattoo)
Twitter: @julzcarlsontat2
5 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "The Rookie versus the Veteran," versus Caroline Evans
Julia Carlson apprenticed for six months and has been tattooing ever since with a focus in color and grey wash tattoos.  Although she may appear to be small and sweet, Carlson sees herself as a tough and versatile competitor, and is setting out to gain the respect she feels she deserves in the industry.  Carlson is challenged this season by Caroline Evans, veteran tattoo artist and fellow co-worker at Ink Obsession.  While Evans claims that she's pushing Carlson to become the best artist possible, Carlson feels that Evans' feigned guidance is really rooted in jealousy and is tired of being targeted and disrespected by her.

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Meet Your Rival: Julia Carlson Vs. Caroline Evans