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Joshua Hibbard

Joshua Hibbard

Tattoo Artist

Joshua Hibbard
Portland, OR
Artist at Inspired Tattoo
Website: (www.joshuahibbard.com)
Twitter: @_JoshuaHibbard
10 years' experience
Rivals Match-Up: "Season Three Returners," versus Jason Clay Dunn
Formerly homeless, Joshua Hibbard believes that some tattoo artists are making a mockery of the craft that saved his life and thinks that the industry needs to improve its professional standards.  He frequently criticizes others' work and in doing so creates controversy, a tactic that cemented him early on as season three's most notorious competitor.  Back for another chance at the title, Hibbard is challenged by fellow season three competitor Jason Clay Dunn, who sees him as a flip-flopping instigator with a trace-and-tattoo technique that is less than legitimate. Hibbard remained in the competition just one round longer than Dunn, clinching the number five spot, and their feud is sure to pick right back up where it left off on this season.

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Meet Your Rival: Joshua Hibbard vs. Jason Clay Dunn