Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Hitch (2005): Hitch
Rush Hour (1998)
The Rundown (2003): Rundown, The (2003)
Road House (1989)
Xtreme Off Road: Dual-Purpose Tacoma
Engine Power: The return of project Pro Street or No-Street Nova
Detroit Muscle: Hard Charger: Magic Legs
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Jayvo Scott

Jayvo Scott

Tattoo Artist

Jayvo Scott
Melbourne, FL
Self-employed tattoo artist
Website: (www.jayvoscott.com)
Twitter: @JayvoScott
13 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "Absolutely No Brotherly Love Here," versus Robbie Ripoll
Although he was always around his father's tattoo shop as a kid, Jayvo Scott didn't get to working with ink until he was twenty-three.  Now, after learning the ropes, Scott has become the owner of the family business.  Scott's main competition is a sibling rivalry with his brother, Robbie Ripoll.  Although they were close as kids, the two have grown apart.  Scott feels he deserves Ripoll's respect and Ripoll gets territorial about the trade he's worked since childhood.  The feud has gotten physical in the past, but both ultimately seek to impress their father, from whom they learned the tricks of the trade.

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Meet Your Rival: Jayvo Scott Vs. Robbie Ripoll