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Jason Clay Dunn

Jason Clay Dunn

Tattoo Artist

Jason Clay Dunn
Montclair, CA
Owner/Artist at Tattoo Alchemy
Website: (www.jasonclaydunn.com; www.jasondunntattoo.com; www.tattooalchemy.com)
Twitter: @JasonClayDunn
20 years' experience
Rivals Match-Up: "Season Three Returners," versus Joshua Hibbard
Born with an innate passion for creation, Jason Clay Dunn completed a traditional apprenticeship by nineteen and set out to become a leading artist in the Neo-Asian style.  Dunn competed on season three, tattooing through his personal battles with panic disorder and anxiety, but the shop owner fell short and ended up in sixth place.  Now he's back to battle Josh Hibbard, season three's infamous instigator.  Hibbard's scheming tactics and penchant for drama didn't sit well with Dunn, and their feud is sure to pick right back up this season as he clashes with Dunn's no-nonsense personality.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Jason's work

Meet Your Rival: Joshua Hibbard vs. Jason Clay Dunn