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Jackie “Ink Bitch” Jennings

Jackie “Ink Bitch” Jennings

Tattoo Artist

Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings
Philadelphia, PA
11 years experience
Artist at Tru Blu (www.inkbitch.com
@inkbitch on Instagram
@jackieinkbitch on Twitter
Ink Bitch on Facebook

Creativity has always come naturally to Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings. Even at a young age, art was a way for her to express herself and she transformed that talent into a career in tattooing more than a decade ago. Jennings doesn't limit herself to any one tattoo style and is known for her versatility across a range of styles. She creates custom pieces for each of her clients that are vastly different from tattoo work others do.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Jackie's Work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings

Meet Your Master: Jackie “Ink Bitch” Jennings