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Joey “Hollywood” Hamilton

Joey “Hollywood” Hamilton

Tattoo Artist

Joey "Hollywood" Hamilton
Las Vegas, NV
16 years experience
Artist at Club Tattoo Las Vegas (http://clubtattoo.com/artists/joey-hamilton/)

During a ten year stint in the US Air Force, Joey "Hollywood" Hamilton became widely exposed to tattoos and immediately fell in love with the art. After getting out of the service, he began refining his technique in Florida before establishing himself in Sin City. Today, Hamilton travels all around the country to promote his work and is primarily known for his realism and photo reproduction skills. Although he may come off as arrogant, Hamilton really has a "Hollywood" laid back persona, but he is here to show that he is a fierce competitor who should not be underestimated.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Joey's work
VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Joey "Hollywood" Hamilton

Meet Your Master: Joey “Hollywood” Hamilton