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Cris Element

Cris Element

Tattoo Artist

Cris Element
Brooklyn, NY
Artist, Leathernecks and Bullseye
Website: (www.criselement.com; http://instagram.com/cris_element)
Twitter: @CrisElement
8 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "The Brooklyn Boys," versus Angel
Cris Element is a self-taught tattoo artist.  Element does not believe in the traditional route; he openly regards old school tattoos as "outdated" and longtime artists as arrogant.  His main competitor this season is Angel, the Brooklyn shop owner who once employed him before Element severed the relationship by quitting without notice.  While Angel thinks that Element's cockiness has gotten the better of him, his former employee thinks it's time he demonstrated his artistic superiority.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Cris's work

Meet Your Rival: Cris Element vs. Angel Bauta