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"Big Daddy" Tray Benham

"Big Daddy" Tray Benham

Tattoo Artist

"Big Daddy" Tray Benham
Brandenburg, KY
Owner/Artist at Big Daddy's Tattoo (www.bigdaddystattoo.com)
20 years experience

With southern charm and the gift of gab, "Big Daddy" Tray is an outgoing tattoo artist from the small town of Brandenburg, KY and he's not afraid to say what is on his mind. Tray prides himself on super clean lines, smooth shading and extensive use of color. Tray is the owner of two Big Daddy's Tattoo shops in Kentucky. His fresh and new style of tattooing was like nothing ever seen before in his home state and he has helped to inspire a new generation of artists. Tray's work has been featured on numerous covers of national and international magazines and won numerous awards at tattoo conventions held across the country.

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VIDEO: Meet Your Master: Tray Benham

Meet Your Master: Tray Benham