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Aaron Is

Aaron Is

Tattoo Artist

Aaron Is
Tampa, FL
Co-Owner/Artist, Bloodline Tattoo
Website: (http://instagram.com/aaronistattoo)
Twitter: @AaronIsTattoo
16 years' experience
Rivals Match-up: "He Disrespected Her on Her Home Turf," versus Emily Elegado
Originally an artist focused on watercolor portraits, Aaron Is spent two years as a tattoo apprentice before transitioning into a full-time career in ink.  Is' experience in photorealism, dotwork, and sacred geometry has landed him features in several tattoo publications, which has added to the notoriety he craves as an artist.  Is enters with an enemy in Emily Elegado, the South Carolina artist he first met when doing a guest spot at her shop. The two were immediately at odds, and tensions were only made worse by the fact that Is was dating her co-worker.

PHOTOS: See a gallery of Aaron's work

Meet Your Rival: Aaron “Is” Michalowski Vs. Emily Elegado