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State Farm

State Farm


In 2012, our military men and women will return after experiencing more than a decade of active war in the Middle East. State Farm wants to ensure that when they arrive, we embrace and thank them for their service and provide them the opportunities they deserve as we welcome them home.

Whether our military folks are retired already, planning retirement, or simply ending their term of service, the core values they've acquired: Leadership, commitment, service, honor, dedication, and more – these values are as true for State Farm agents as they are for service members. We believe service members will make an easy transition to State Farm and be able to continue their service career, but this time, face-to-face in the neighborhoods and communities where they will live.

The Agent Needed military recruitment campaign (web, video, print, collateral) will be distributed via statefarm.com, State Farm YouTube channel, State Farm Facebook, through military exit recruiters, job conventions, agent offices, internally, and more. What our service folks will see are our own State Farm agents and leaders – all who have served in the military, including top command; a Chief Master Sargent of the Air Force – giving their testimony for the service, State Farm, and the solid values and opportunities each provides.

As a result, service members will see the alignment of values and skill sets, see an opportunity for a solid and building career environment, see opportunities to finally develop roots, see strong financial opportunities and then act by joining the State Farm agent opportunity – Leaders Needed. Agent Needed.