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St. Bernard Project

St. Bernard Project


St. Bernard Project (SBP) is a New Orleans based, award-winning, innovative post-disaster rebuilding organization that proudly hires American veterans through two programs. Since 2006, SBP has rebuilt 405 homes with the help of 36,000 volunteers and 500 AmeriCorps members. To support its all-under-one-roof, vertically integrated model -- the key to its rebuilding success -- SBP has placed a particular emphasis on hiring local veterans and training them in the skilled construction trades. Through its Good Work/Good Pay program, SBP has hired 6 veterans to train as apprentice electricians, carpenters, and plumbers. Additionally, SBP has 13 Veterans Corps members and 3 veteran staff members. All these initiatives engage veterans in meaningful service work in their communities, and provide them with a supportive work environment and marketable job skills. As SBP expands to help other disaster-devastated areas, initially in Joplin, MS, we are committed to providing jobs to our country's veterans and offering a meaningful way for veterans to continue their service to our country by rebuilding their communities.