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The Pipe Line Development Company, or PLIDCO, is an American, family-owned business, founded in 1949 by Joseph B. and Berneice K. Smith.

PLIDCO is a veteran-owned business that recognizes the sacrifice that the men and women in our armed forces make for all of us, and we look forward to having them join our team, working together to make hazardous piping safer for our customers. We have benefited for many years from the experience that our veterans bring to our team, as they have taken on leadership roles and are great at sharing their knowledge with others. We currently employ 97 people, 9 of whom are veterans.

PLIDCO manufactures pipe line repair and maintenance fittings and holds many patents throughout the world, with hundreds of thousands of fittings sold. The factory has standard fabrication and machine tools plus special equipment required to completely manufacture standard and special fittings. PLIDCO fittings have been used worldwide for pipeline repair and maintenance, in a wide variety of applications, both onshore and offshore. Applications include oil, gas, water, chemical, steam, slurry and other piping systems