Xtreme Off Road: Buckin’ Bronco
Engine Power: Mopar Magic
Detroit Muscle: The Highwayman: Monster Mercury
Back To The Future
Back To The Future Part II: Back To The Future II
Back To The Future Part III: Back To The Future III
Back To The Future
Back To The Future Part II: Back To The Future II

Hire a Vet Bios

  • GE
  • St. Bernard Project
  • PepsiCo
  • Chesapeake Energy
  • Team Rubicon
  • LearnSmart
  • Newmont
  • American Airlines
  • State Farm
  • Waste Management
  • Best Buy
  • Citi



Since 1997, LearnSmart has been improving the way individuals learn and businesses train and develop their professional staff. From advanced technology and software training to office productivity, business management, and professional development courses, LearnSmart provides the training solutions that are crucial to the success of you and your businesses.

LearnSmart is proud to employ the brave men and women who have served our nation and is also a proud member/supporter of many local Tampa-area veteran and active-duty military organizations. We have a strong history of hiring veterans and currently 10% of our work-force is a veteran of the Armed Forces. LearnSmart continues to actively recruit veterans and anticipates increasing our staffing levels by 15% in 2012. Veterans posses the discipline, intelligence, and work ethic we find crucial to growing our business. If youare a veteran of the US Armed Forces and have the desire to excel in the competitive world of training and technology, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. To find out more information about the various programs in place for veterans, please call 1-800-418-6789, option 3.