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Fight Master: Bellator MMA Video Clips

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The Faceoff (1:22)

With the semifinals settled, we've got our finalists. Joe Riggs vs. Mike Bronzoulis for a spot in an upcoming Bellator tournament.

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The Most Pressure (1:46)

Greg Jackson and Randy Couture each send two men to the semifinals. Joe Riggs, Cole Williams, Eric Bradley and Mike Bronzoulis slug it out for a chance at the finals.

Posted August 23, 2013 Views: 9,909

A Cut Above (1:35)

Prior to Joe Wiliams facing off against Eric Bradley, the fighters work strategy with their camps, and Bradley shows off a leftover from his fight with AJ Matthews.

Posted August 22, 2013 Views: 19,697

The Reward's Almost There (2:08)

The pressure is on for Joe Riggs, who may be facing his last shot at glory in mixed martial arts. Can he keep his control long enough to face the surprisingly sturdy Evan Cutts? Find out Thursday at 11/10c, only on Spike.

Posted August 15, 2013 Views: 3,744

My Hand's Goin' Up (1:41)

Before Lozano and Bronzoulis take to the cage, an incident erupts between the two fighters.

Posted August 15, 2013 Views: 5,195

And Then There Were Eight (2:11)

The coaches attempt to gain the advantage for their fighters, seeding the quarterfinal round. Bellator chairman Bjorn Rebney returns to direct trafiic.

Posted August 7, 2013 Views: 9,555

Shouldering the Burden (1:22)

AJ Matthews has a nagging injury as a souvenir from his fight with Darryl Cobb, but he's determined to battle through it.

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It's All Mental (1:45)

Two of the tournament's young guns, Tim Welch and Nick Barnes, share their doubts before facing each other.

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Out of Control (1:43)

Evan Cutts represents RinoSport's last chance in the Fight Master tournament. Cutts is learning quickly, but will it be enough to overcome Cristiano Souza? Find out Wednesday at 10/9c on Spike!

Posted July 31, 2013 Views: 1,834

The Cut (2:04)

Joe Riggs was named top seed in the Fight Master tournament for a reason, but he's big for a welterweight. Can he hit 171 on the scale prior to his fight?

Posted July 24, 2013 Views: 4,678