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Pol Pot

Pol Pot

One of the most ruthless and twisted dictators of all time, Pol Pot came to power by seizing control of his destabilized country with the goal of transforming Cambodia into an agricultural based communist commune. Instead, he bloodied his hands with the genocide of 2 million people during his three-year reign of terror, slaughtering all who opposed him and forcing his population to work in slave labor camps, known as the "killing fields."

Region: Cambodia
Weapons: RPD light machine gun, Tokarev TT-33 pistol, cane knife, and Chinese stick grenade.
Reign: 1975 - 1979
Key Battles: The Khmer Rouge received military aid and training from the North Vietnamese and support from China allowing it to grow from a small guerilla outfit of less than 5,000 to an army of 100,000.