Cops O: Be Careful What You Ask For
Cops O: Pass the Rock
Cops O: Dealt a Bad Hand
Cops O: Facebook Fury
Cops O: Bad Business
Cops O: I Used My Brain
Cops O: Cops: Beyond the Bust
Gone: The Forgotten Women of Ohio : Port Of No Return
Cops O: Be Careful What You Ask For
Cops O: Pass the Rock
Cops O: Dealt a Bad Hand
Cops O: Facebook Fury
Cops O: Bad Business
Cops O: I Used My Brain
Campus PD: Snowballed

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North Korean Special Operations Forces

North Korean Special Operations Forces

North Korean Special Forces' missions include reconnaissance, eliminating lines of commu nication, ambush & destruction of supply lines, assault and destruction of enemy command posts and airfields, and kidnapping/assassination of political and military leaders. They infiltrate behind enemy lines by a variety of methods, including tunnels dug under the DMZ, airplanes or small submarines & boats operating off of the long coastline. Additionally, NKSF units are prepared to assault US bases located in Japan, normally outside of the range of North Korean forces.

Region: North Korea
Weapons: PSL, Type 68 AKM, and anti-personnel box mine
Reign: 1965 - Present
Key Battles: In December of 2001, ships of the Japanese Coast Guard sank a suspicious vessel after it refused to stop and fired upon them with machine guns. The boat was later raised and determined to be a North Korean surveillance vessel designed to look like a fishing trawler. It had special communications and surveillance gear, as well as secret double doors in the stern that allowed a fast, semi-submersible boat to launch and recover. It was also heavily armed, carrying russian Ilga-2 anti-aircraft missiles and RPG-7's.