Deadliest Warrior Bios

  • Vampires
  • Gurkhas
  • Zombies
  • French Foreign Legion
  • Crazy Horse
  • Pancho Villa
  • Ivan the Terrible
  • Hernán Cortés
  • Teddy Roosevelt
  • Lawrence of Arabia
  • Saddam Hussein
  • Pol Pot
  • Genghis Khan
  • Hannibal
  • U.S. Army Rangers
  • Joan of Arc
  • William the Conqueror
  • George Washington
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

17-year-old Joan of Arc, a peasant girl born in eastern France, is the youngest person in history to command the armies of a nation. Her gender concealed by dressing as a man and cutting her hair short, this sword-wielding knight saved her people and united all of France by winning several key battles during the Hundred Years War against England before being captured and burned as witch.

Region: France
Weapons: Siege cannon, steel crossbow, French arming sword, and plate armor,
Reign: 1429-1431
Key Battles: Joan of Arc won her greatest military victory at Patay, in June of 1429, where her army annihilated the English, killing over 2000, while suffering minimal losses.