Deadliest Warrior Bios

  • Navy Seal
  • Mongol
  • Comanche
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  • Musketeer
  • Sun Tzu
  • KGB
  • CIA
  • Somali Pirate
  • Medellin Drug Cartel
  • GSG9
  • Persian Immortal
  • Jesse James
  • Al Capone
  • Attila The Hun
  • Alexander The Great
Jesse James

Jesse James

The James brothers were most active with their gang from about 1866 until 1876. On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, who was a member of the gang living in the James house and who was hoping to collect a state reward on James' head.

Region: Missouri
Weapons: Revolver, shotgun
Reign: 1866 - 1876
Key Battles: Their attempted robbery of a bank in Northfield, Minnesota, resulted in the capture or deaths of several members.