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Crazy Horse

Crazy Horse

The fierce 19th Century leader of the Sioux Indians – one of America's largest and deadliest Indian nations -- Crazy Horse was a fearless warrior whose decoy tactics and savage raids accounted for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. troops. On June 25, 1876, he led 1,500 warriors who brutally overran Custer's Last Stand at the famous Battle of Little Bighorn.

Region: North & South Dakota
Weapons: 1860 Henry repeater rifle, bow and arrow, Model 1873 Colt single action revolver, and Inyankapemni club.
Reign: 1840 - 1877
Key Battles: Crazy Horse led approximately 1,500 Cheyenne and Lakota into the Battle of Little Rosebud on June 17, 1876. This assisted in Lt. Col. George Custer's defeat at the two-day Battle of the Little Bighorn.