Deadliest Warrior Bios

  • Navy Seal
  • Mongol
  • Comanche
  • Ming Warrior
  • Musketeer
  • Sun Tzu
  • KGB
  • CIA
  • Somali Pirate
  • Medellin Drug Cartel
  • GSG9
  • Persian Immortal
  • Jesse James
  • Al Capone
  • Attila The Hun
  • Alexander The Great
Attila The Hun

Attila The Hun

In much of Western Europe, he is remembered as the epitome of cruelty and rapacity. However, in Hungary, Turkey, and other Turkic-speaking countries in Central Asia, he is regarded as a hero and his name is revered.

Region: Hunnic Empire

Weapons: Sword, Bow and Arrow, Axe

Reign: A.D. 434–453

Key Battles: He invaded the Balkans twice and marched through Gaul (modern France) as far as Orléans before being defeated at the Battle of Châlons.