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Engine Power: Mopar Magic
Detroit Muscle: The Highwayman: Monster Mercury
Back To The Future
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Back To The Future
Back To The Future Part II: Back To The Future II

Criss Angel BeLIEve Bios

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  • Krystyn Lambert
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  • Doug Malloy
  • Jesse Feinberg
  • Spiro Papas
Krystyn Lambert

Krystyn Lambert

Krystyn Lambert has become the most recognized female magician in the world. Her extensive domestic and international television performances and critical acclaim within the community of magicians caught the eye of Criss Angel, who has taken her in as his apprentice. After starring in the award-winning documentary, Make Believe, the U.S. State Department invited Krystyn to travel through Asia sharing her passions for magic, philosophy, and education. Teen Vogue has named her one of the Four Youth Activists to Watch. Recently the Magic Castle in Hollywood awarded Krystyn the coveted Junior Achievement Award, proclaiming her “a magical ambassador throughout the world.” And did you know? Krystyn was Olivia Wilde’s inspiration for her Incredible Burt Wonderstone role.