Cops Episode Guide

Bryce Dion Tribute - Episode 2799

Bryce Dion was a 7-year veteran of COPS who was tragically killed during production. Comprised of clips from his work, this tribute episode displays his courage and commitment to showing the challenges faced by law enforcement.

Aired: 09/20/2014

Step Away from the Cutlery - Episode 2708

Cops attempt to piece together whether or not an erratic driver is in a stolen vehicle. A knife-wielding man complains that rude neighbors won't stop smoking pot. Officers come upon an emotional man with a blade to his throat.

Aired: 09/13/2014 Available until: 10/18/2014

Cruisin' the Neighborhood - Episode 2707

A normal traffic stop turns into an off-road race through a residential neighborhood. Police discover a runaway suspect taking refuge in a family member's closet. A domestic dispute erupts over chips and dip.

Aired: 09/6/2014 Available until: 09/30/2014

Tazed and Confused - Episode 2706

Cops are forced to take desperate measures when an unruly suspect won't stop fighting. Officers have to contain a man looking to flee with crack. Police know a tearful driver has weed in the car when he refuses to open his glove box.

Aired: 08/23/2014 Available until: 10/4/2014

Put Your Clothes Back On - Episode 2705

Cops desperately try to get a naked man to cooperate. After a chase with a pickup truck, officers discover a 14-year-old in the driver's seat. On a routine traffic stop, police encounter loads of dope and even more lies.

Aired: 08/9/2014 Available until: 09/30/2014

Perfume Takedown - Episode 2704

A patrolman plays linebacker when a fleeing thief runs right into him. Armed-robbery victims give a colorful play-by-play on surveillance footage of the crime. Officers have to get tearful children back to their estranged mother.

Aired: 08/2/2014

The Runaways - Episode 2703

A chase ends when a driverless vehicle goes headfirst into an apartment complex. A swift suspect can't scamper fast enough to evade police. On routine patrol, officers stumble upon a 7-year-old boy who left home alone.

Aired: 07/26/2014

Mohawked Cleaning Service - Episode 2702

A feisty cyclist gives a team of officers a bloody fight. A scared caregiver attempts to evict an unwanted helper from her patient's house. Mysterious tinfoil lands an unlicensed driver in hot water.

Aired: 07/12/2014

Batter Up - Episode 2701

After a tow service employee denies a woman her car back, she uses his body for batting practice. A man with a warrant explains his medicinal meth use. A couple gets creative trying to convince officers they didn’t shoplift.

Aired: 07/19/2014