Coal Episode Guide

Brute Force And Bad Blood

Brute Force And Bad Blood - Episode 110

In the dramatic season finale, Mike and Tom work frantically to get the new lease approved as the mine starts to fall apart. The biggest rock fall yet leads to a fight so explosive it threatens to tear the company apart.

Aired: 06/19/2011

The Fight To Go Right

The Fight To Go Right - Episode 109

The mine gets deadly and conditions force Cobalt to change direction. To get the new lease to go right they'll have to double production. The pressure is on the night crew to get back in the coal or go to the house for good.

Aired: 06/12/2011

Haunted By The Past

Haunted By The Past - Episode 108

Danger in Cobalt Coal mine increases. The continuous miner hits water and almost floods the section, and a meeting with a local old-timer force Mike and Tom to come to a drastic decision regarding the direction of the mine.

Aired: 06/5/2011

A Mine Divided

A Mine Divided - Episode 107

Owners Tom and Mike have gone deep into debt to finance new equipment, and now they’re desperate to mine more coal than ever before. To make matters worse, someone is stealing from the mine.

Aired: 05/22/2011

Out With The Coal, In With The New

Out With The Coal, In With The New - Episode 106

As the mountain crumbles around them a crucial piece of equipment is smashed putting the future of the company in jeopardy. Cobalt Coal is forced to make the biggest financial gamble yet. Can a redhat prove to be their savior?

Aired: 05/14/2011

Into The Heart Of Darkness

Into The Heart Of Darkness - Episode 105

Cobalt is forced to mine in the most dangerous part of the mountain, making conditions even more deadly. Busted equipment creates conflict between owners and miners. A skeleton day crew is forced to face the mountain alone, but an unlikely hero, Vince, steps up.

Aired: 05/8/2011

Buried In Coal

Buried In Coal - Episode 104

Cobalt owners Mike and Tom are facing financial ruin when they roll the dice with a risky belt move that pays off. With the mine half buried in coal, Mike pleads to the trucking company to rally for a record breaking week.

Aired: 04/20/2011

Down 'N Out

Down 'N Out - Episode 103

A devastating storm smashes the Cobalt Mine causing power outages and equipment failure. Hank returns from the hospital to find his job on the line and the possibility of being sent to the house permanently.

Aired: 04/13/2011

No Easy Way Out

No Easy Way Out - Episode 102

With a failing power supply, Cobalt Coal struggles to keep its head above water. The situation turns deadly when a storm shuts down the mine's air supply, forcing every man into a desperate race to the surface.

Aired: 04/6/2011

The Master Mines

The Master Mines - Episode 101

A legendary miner fights to keep Cobalt Coal from going belly up. Major mistakes by the Night Shift almost cost the company their livelihood while one of the deadliest jobs claims another victim.

Aired: 03/30/2011