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Detroit Muscle: Barn Find Chevelle: Shiny Bits and Panel Fits

Coal Bios

  • Andrew Christian, Jr.
  • JC Woolridge
  • Eddie Branch
  • David Belcher
  • Kenny Hughes
  • Randy Remines
  • Johnny Simms
  • RB Davis
  • Jonathan Dotson
  • Robert Jerry Edwards, Sr.
  • Jerry Edwards, Jr.
  • Vince Epperson
  • Joseph Pack
  • Mike Crowder
  • Tom Roberts
  • Jeremy Auville
  • Andy Christian, Sr.
  • Hank Toler
  • Jeremy Marushia
Johnny Simms

Johnny Simms

Belt Man/Outby Man

Job: Belt Man/Outby Man
Shift: Day

Johnny is a third-generation coal miner and was one of the first men hired at Cobalt Coal. For more than 30 years Johnny worked underground as a Mine Foreman, this is first year working above ground maintaining the conveyer belt, power supply and coal piles. A father of two, he’s encouraged his own children from working in the coal mines because of the effect it has had on his own health.